We are all in this together!

Hello Friends! 
I wanted to reach out to you all to say hi and check in –

Whether or not you are currently facing feelings of fear and anxiety over our current situation 
I wanted to let you know that we are all feeling it and
you are not alone! 

Today in Ma.  all non-essential businesses
are closing down until April 7th- 
This is quite scary for a small business BUT I know that it is important to put our health and communities first.

I also wanted to thank all the people out there that are keeping our communities going, the grocers, the medical workers, the fire and police, 1st responders, 
the farmers, the drugstores, and everyone else that is putting themselves out there to serve our communities! 

 I am hopeful that we will be returning  to our jobs in April and that Spring will have sprung early 🙂 

So while we are in quarantine I think its important
to try to stay as positive as possible-
Be wary of what you are listening to, sadly it is all to easy to jump on the “negative” band wagon- 

I have been trying a few things to stay positive: 

1. Meditation – So I am NOT a woo woo kind of gal, BUT I have been meditating (consistently) for prob over a year now- its hard for me because I am super a.d.d. and as soon as something shiny comes by I am on it!  
BUT meditating has helped me to stay focused and to check in with myself everyday to make sure I am focusing on selfcare 
which as a Mom thats tough, you always take care of everyone else BUT we all need to really take care of ourselves too! 

2. Creativity– This can be SO many things!  Many Museums are doing free virtual tours, there is a TON of free education out there now- Yale is dong a free class of being happy! 
What do you like to do that is creative ? Beside my job, I love to bake,I like to watch the Great British Baking Show and I will be trying out some new recipes while on quarantine! 

3. Generosity– Sometimes when fear is overwhelming you and you can’t get away from that- Ask yourself what can I do to help others? 
This is a tough one especially while  being on house arrest , maybe calling people to check in on them?

 For me I feel like laughter is SO important
so I have been sharing a ton of funny stuff on Fb, crazy little memes that we can all relate to that make us feel like we will all get through this together  🙂 

Check out my FB age here:  KMP FB
I try to keep it as clean as possible as i am a children’s photographer -lol! 

4. Connections– Technology has made this so much easier! I was on a zoom call with a group of 9 or us last night, SO great to see everyones smiling faces and really fun! 
I am thinking of doing a zoom call for girls cocktail night in 🙂 

5. Movement– You all know I LOVE Zumba, the gyms are all closed BUT so many of them are doing virtual classes- Get up and get moving, its important to keep moving and get those endorphins flowing! This keep your immune system in check too! 

6. Reflecting on what is most important- Every holiday season I pull out my baby photos and home videos-
These are truly my most prized possessions!
This is the perfect time to pull them out and watch with family-
It reminds us of who we are,where we come from and why
we work hard for our loved ones- 

As a photographer I consider myself SO lucky to be able to share my gift of capturing life’s most fleeting and special moments 

Stay safe friends & remember to count your blessings!

I will be looking forward
to seeing you all when this too shall pass!! 

 Karen xoxoxo 

We gotta keep our sense of humor!!!